Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fresh Air

Children. Their innocence should be cherished. Children. We should not let innocence perish. 
How refreshing it is to hold a newborn baby... so tiny, so fragile, so delicate and soft to the touch. They are so innocent to the goings-on of horrific things in the world and sometimes in their immediate world. They did not come into your space by their choosing. Like an innocent bystander, they are the victims of their environment. As newborns, they are as fresh as the air we chose to inhale.

On a personal note, children are one of my weaknesses. I've always striven to uplift them, to uncover and expose their hidden talents, to encourage them to be even more than what they think they can be; yet, keep them in a box, a safe-haven whereas they wouldn't be subjected to the harsh reality of this world- kinda contradictory, huh? Lol
And as my own kids have grown beyond me immediately telling them how or what to do, I believe they respect the ideas I may still throw out for the grasping. Children are an extension of us. What do you see in the "little you's and little me's"? Don't we want to display OUR very best? Even when a child grows, I would still love to believe deeply embedded is their innocence and fresh take on life...  
The extension of my genes- grand children, is minute in number (only one), but gigantic in character! 


My G-Baby n me
A fine combination, you see
I connect to him
he’s connected to me
An incognizant attachment
Doesn't matter the distance
short, long, spo-ra-dic-ally

My G-baby n me
As a matter 'o fact you will see
that as time goes on
and as his growth responds
there will always reside
     a deep bond inside
No matter how many miles we are apart
we are deeply connected; undeniable
For when we get together
after being apart
for what seems like forever,
to a drum our two hearts will beat
To a love that will keep--

My G-baby with me
 My G-baby always n me

-PJ Payne

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