Thursday, August 4, 2016


Who do you depend on when it seems everything you touch and do goes wrong? What do you do to keep motivated? When do you realize you need help or a backup plan? Where do you find hope and inspiration? Why would you say enough is enough… I GIVE UP?
Some of you may remember the five W’s …Who,  What, When, Where, Why and then there is How. Usually they apply to writing and journalism, but this application is about life!

In many aspects of our lives, at some point, we hit brick walls, get knocked off our feet, dumbfound and have no obvious explanation or answer for the delimma in which we find ourselves. Is that when we throw our hands up in despair? “Uh, Yea, we’re human”.  But just when you think you have no answer, you relinquish, release and let go and find the HOW.  
HE is the how in your life! He knows how to relieve the pain. He knows how to give you strength. He knows how to take your burdens.  He knows how to put the right words in your mouth when you’re face with what you consider unanswerable questions.  He knows how you will get that next meal, how you will get to work, how you will fare on that pending court date, how you will mend fences in your marriage, relationship, family dissension... So don't give up! He knows how and He Can!

Life reminds me how sweet it is to know that ‘God can’-

God can pick you up
When you’re lower than low
God can fight your battles
In struggles against the foe

God can renew that hope
When the little you had diminishes
God can complete the order and flow
from start to finish

God can allow you to exhale
when exhaustion overtakes you
God can mend the pieces
When disappointment tears apart and breaks you

He replenishes and renews your spirit
when you’ve fallen and cannot stand
This brings back to remembrance and

“It’s good to know, God can.

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