Thursday, January 24, 2019


We are more than halfway through the first month of this New Year and I realize as, in the past, time stands still for no one.  I revert back to a cliché I’ve heard most of my life, ‘Off with the old and on with the new.’ That should mean prioritize, right? New order; new beginnings.
Sooo, this means putting old things aside and starting fresh. Well, some people just don’t take heed easily. “Guilty!” I am beginning this year with the same BANG theory I have in the past, no matter what I vow NOT to do, or whatever my New Year’s resolution may be… (by the way,I have abolished over the past few years) I can’t follow through. That reminds me of that other old saying “Beginning is easy, continuing, hard.’
So here I am again, New Year old ways. A plate full with just so many hours in a day and these...


What is this?
What has me baffled?
What‘s in my head?
What is it there for?

I am living a life
Full of haste
So I thrive on
Keeping up the pace
Seem there’s so much
I can do
Seems there’s no way
To get through
I keep on searching
For the time
And keep on looking
For a sign
For what can and
What can’t be done
When one job’s finish
Another has begun

I seek with grace
Seek sublimity
Without a trace
Of obscenity
I can’t be still
I just can’t rest
Always searching
Trying to better my best
Seeking and striving
Tread roads intrepidly
Look to completion
But can’t let go indefinitely
Gotta keep moving
Keeping up the pace
Always a step ahead
No time to waste
Fulfilling wishes
Fulfilling needs
Feel it my duty
To intercede

When there’s always
A 'work' to be done
When I strive for success
My battle is won
There’s always another
Feat to be achieved
Never to finish
Always to cleave
Not endeavoring to
Defy or defeat
But encouraging me on
Cause I’m feeling

~PJ Payne