Thursday, March 22, 2018


Situation: An awesome occasion has transpired! Beautifully executed, from start to finish. There have been raving reviews. But, you're literally hiding behind the scene and don't want to be noticed because you think your importance is insignificant. You don't NEED to be seen! You're letting others 'show' your work, even taking the credit - and they do it with pride, while in the shadows or behind the curtain you lurk... unassumingly, unselfishly, unnoticed.
Is it that you think so little of your contribution and addition that you don't want visibility in any form?
You say you don't NEED a stamp, don't NEED a pat on the back, don't NEED to be pointed out, as a matter of fact. 

Well, the reason YOU explained, is that you're just exuding the love in the things you love to do and you do it 'just because'. Anyway, HE gets the glory when you're through and that satisfaction, in itself, is enough for you.
But are there other factors involved; other reasons you don’t want acknowledgment … maybe self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, or a physical imperfection? Maybe you've never really had anyone to encourage you to pursue your talent. So many questions and possible answers as to why you want to be anonymous. Yet, you smile and go on… So unpretentious, so humble, so modest. What a BIG heart you have!
But, unbeknownst to you, you ARE seen from afar and admired by many. Some of whom, like yourself, are not accredited their accomplishments. Your 'worth' does not go as unnoticed as you may think! 

Summation: Humility is not exploited, but anointed! You ARE acknowledged. There are rewards that await you for what you do. Maybe not by any physical means of your own, but be aware! That there is an "All Seeing Eye Watching You" and sees…

PJ Payne

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Let's Move

As we grow and mature into the adults we have become, we can’t help but remember the ‘bridge that carried us over.' Mine was my mom with all the moral lessons she instilled in her kids along the way... spiritually and ethically. She was a woman of many words, and I especially remember when she used to say, "Don't worry about what's going on now or the past. It will come back full circle." Never would I have dreamt that shoes, furnishings, toys, cars, music, styles of clothing, jewelry, even hairdos would evolve. We see this all the time in our children's choices, trends on TV, and social media. The change may be that a style has a different name or different hue in color, but in essence, it’s the same. Somebody just revamped an old style! And we always want to be in style, right? Even as children.
Don’t you just hate it though! Think of all of the older styles of clothing that have made a comeback... a complete circle. Makes you think you should have kept that paisley blouse, hoop earrings, or clog shoes you use to stylishly flaunt. But of course fabrics, colors and cut have changes. And ‘new age’ folks CAN tell the difference, so “Nah, it wouldn’t work!”
Have you ever asked yourself, what will styles be like in twenty years? Who knows? But what we do have are the memories. Unless, medical issues arise, memories won't leave and sometimes we can vividly go back. They are etched and fixed! 
So, reflecting back on life, it seems times really have not completely changed. And memories make you want to return to those young carefree childhood days, but unfortunately, you have to progress with progression.
So cherish the memories. But until retro returns and comes back around, let's move forward.

PJ Payne

Thursday, March 1, 2018

What's the Fuss?

Isn't He amazing! God gives us just what we need, in His time, which is when we need it. Sometimes we don't even realize that we need it because we think we can work our own magic. We're running around hustling and bustling, trying to figure things out; shedding tears; blood pressure rising... we get in a frenzy when our backs are against the wall. Stuff happens!! So when we can't find immediate answers, those humanistic instincts kick in. 
"How soon we forget whose child we are". As Christians, we say we know God, but do we really?? We throw up our hands in despair; we throw temper tantrums like little kids who can't have their way; we get all worked up because 'we' can't work out the problem; we personalize failure and give up! But guess what? That's really what He really wants us to do... let Him. "Who's your Daddy"? Who will take care of you? Who's got your back? Who will catch you when you fall?

Just when we think it's all over, we've run the race, we've lost the battle, He is standing on the sidelines watching and waiting and then... HE INTERCEDES!
He guides us as He touches us; clears the path of obstacles so we can see.  He takes the reins to lead us out of confusion. He helps us to think clearly, so as to not draw our own conclusions.
And then, only then do we grasp who truly has the answers. The only magic touch is the 'Touch of the Master'! He guides us across the finish line. And when we let Him guide us through the path He wants us to take, we will realize we're in for the race of a lifetime. Consequently, we wonder "what was all the fuss?"

PJ Payne