Thursday, March 22, 2018


Situation: An awesome occasion has transpired! Beautifully executed, from start to finish. There have been raving reviews. But, you're literally hiding behind the scene and don't want to be noticed because you think your importance is insignificant. You don't NEED to be seen! You're letting others 'show' your work, even taking the credit - and they do it with pride, while in the shadows or behind the curtain you lurk... unassumingly, unselfishly, unnoticed.
Is it that you think so little of your contribution and addition that you don't want visibility in any form?
You say you don't NEED a stamp, don't NEED a pat on the back, don't NEED to be pointed out, as a matter of fact. 

Well, the reason YOU explained, is that you're just exuding the love in the things you love to do and you do it 'just because'. Anyway, HE gets the glory when you're through and that satisfaction, in itself, is enough for you.
But are there other factors involved; other reasons you don’t want acknowledgment … maybe self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, or a physical imperfection? Maybe you've never really had anyone to encourage you to pursue your talent. So many questions and possible answers as to why you want to be anonymous. Yet, you smile and go on… So unpretentious, so humble, so modest. What a BIG heart you have!
But, unbeknownst to you, you ARE seen from afar and admired by many. Some of whom, like yourself, are not accredited their accomplishments. Your 'worth' does not go as unnoticed as you may think! 

Summation: Humility is not exploited, but anointed! You ARE acknowledged. There are rewards that await you for what you do. Maybe not by any physical means of your own, but be aware! That there is an "All Seeing Eye Watching You" and sees…

PJ Payne

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