Thursday, July 7, 2016

"I AM"

To know me is to love me for who I AM.

I AM a self-starter, but not a self-motivator, if that makes sense. I can start something new- "I mean just kick it off with a Big Bang", but I require outside motivation to keep it going. I'm like a cup of coffee, I start off quite hot, then as I cool off, I need to be refreshed and "stirred up" to keep me moving. I AM a lover of all, especially children, as I love their innocence, honesty and purity.  I AM naturally excitable and giggly anyway, so with my Cup 'o Joe, the sky is literally the limit!! Lol.

When an epiphany hits, I am fired up and in production mode. But when I get to a cooling off or stopping point, I can get stuck. The ideas stop flowing; the passion subsides; yes, the cause for which I am doing what I’m doing gets vague; like “and why am I doing this”?  That cause needs to be resurrected or revisited. Usually my initial intention is on target, I just get lost in transition. There is not always someone around to bounce my ideas off of or get me back on track. 
That’s when I exhale with my brew. In  an aura of serenity, surrounded by the things I love, making sure there is always a pen nearby… I write.

I AM blessed!
And I guess I realized it
but never said it 
with such credence before
I  AM blessed!

When I relax
I open my mind to
opened doors.
When I enter in
no telling what’s coming out.
There I can figure
What I am all about
And in retrospect
Let it all
Pour out

I AM blessed!
Got ideas to spare
When stirred up
and when used
I know I’m going somewhere
And yield blessings 
to someone else

I may require a little 'stirring' sometimes, 
but to know me is to love me for who I AM.

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