Thursday, July 14, 2016

No Bartering

I wasn’t supposed to know. I wasn’t supposed to find out until now. I wasn’t supposed to know. This was about His timing and how-
He wanted me to grasp
He wanted me to ask
He wanted me to depend
He wanted me to defend
what HE stood for in my life
and when it was all said and done
He wanted me to know that
He was the One!
Not because ‘I’ did anything great,
so He would make life easier-
NO, He wanted me to be tried and tested.
He wanted me to know,
He was the One
who allowed me to evolve 
through these experiences
While being tossed to and fro
And learn lessons
in the midst of the strain,
but not in vain.
And as I come out of it and gain, 
I would grow
And just pay it forward,
as I go

God doesn’t make a deal. “God is the REAL DEAL”!

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