Friday, July 22, 2016

Pocket Change

Remember when 'one cent' was once spent! Nowadays a penny is barely used, unless as a last resort to make up the difference in a purchase. Usually a person uses it as TAX- that's what it's good for now.
As a child, can you remember when your daddy would give you his pocket-change, or when you were outside playing and you'd find a penny on the ground?  If you found a few of those, you'd think you were rich! Those were the 'simpler times.'  In today's fast-paced society, people actually just step over that lucky penny.
As times change, so does 'change' change. My own kids didn't like pocket change! "Too much trouble" states one of my sons, "too heavy in my pocket"! Therefore if I didn't find his change on the floor and pick it up, it would be lost. Oh, but as they've grown into young adults and are earning their living, they've changed their tune. Now that son can easily say "I got the tax"! Lol. They may still throw change aside, but eventually gather it in one place or container for those 'rainy days'.

Pondering over pocket change, I think about the penny, over the years that little copper coin has been referenced in may ways- mostly to describe something inexpensive or small. Here are a few Penny cliches I've heard:

A penny saved is a penny earned refers to the idea that saving money is just as important as earning it. According to thrifty savers, a penny saved will grow (when invested properly).
A penny pincher is someone who uses coupons and other saving tactics religiously — to the point of being fanatical about reducing costs, as with pinching your pennies which implies that the person is watching their spending; bargain hunting. 
If you’re experiencing a bad turn of events, then you might find yourself without two pennies to rub together. A common phrase muttered by those who tend to spend their money as soon as they get it.
On a different note. a pretty penny is used to explain how much something cost you, especially when that item was expensive or extravagant. 

And now I can say 'a penny for your thoughts' on all of this.What's your pocket change worth? I will quote the famous radio/television personality, Howard Stern, by saying "I am worth every penny"!

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