Thursday, November 2, 2017

On Bended Knees...

When we open our eyes each morning, we know not what the day will bring, what obstacles we will face, or what our day will encompass. All we really have is grace and thanksgiving that God has given us another opportunity and ability to see another day. One of His miraculous works... Some were not so fortunate.
So what should we do to show our gratitude? “First, give Him the glory for it all!” Thank Him, right now! Secondly, we know prayer changes things. None of us would have made it this far had we not believed in a higher power… in something or someone bigger and greater than you or I… Believing in something as magnanimous as having the ability to watch over us as we slumbered; taking care of our loved ones… even the roof over our heads. What AWESOMENESS! And yet some have the audacity to ‘not believe’? How much more proof do you need?
That’s why I dubbed this article ‘On Bended Knees’. The bend of the knee is the most humbling, yet powerful position one can have. I consider it ‘A Stance’! There is an old saying that comes to mind as I paraphrase… ‘If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.’ Well, what I’m saying is, when you’re on your knees, you’re standing up for what you deem important…
So get on bended knee and stand up –

For Jesus
For your beliefs
For your rights
Hatred to cease

For your family
Your Ethics
Defending your character
Less we forget...
For good health
Our children
Spiritual wars

For your freedom
The ‘Little Guy’
NO Genocide

For our Leader
The Country

For there is nothing more humbling than the ‘Stance of the Knee’.

PJ Payne 

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