Thursday, October 26, 2017

No Escape

Are there times when you just want to hide from everyone and everything... run away from home, from work, just run away from it all? Well, join the crowd! You are not alone. 
So many of us at some point in life wanted to do that.  More than once, lol. Some may have acted upon it, others like myself didn't have the courage. But good for those of you who had the strength.  Hopefully, you came back. I guess that is why I spend each morning with my Coffee and Thee. It’s  my unwinding time although I may have just arisen from a night's rest. It’s  my time to be with my thoughts, My God, my space, and my Coffee.
Pick your space and maybe, just maybe you can keep your sanity in the midst of it all. Life and things happen! There is NO escaping! But what you must do is “Brace yourself for the unexpected. Then Embrace it!” If you did expect it, you would not have allowed it to happen; especially if it had a negative effect on you or your livelihood. Anything you deem detrimental you block it, right? I heard a sermon recently with a title that says it all. When you go through your trials and tribulations… realize this “It had to happen -” your distress and despair. So stop looking for the reason and start looking for the revelation.  You can make the worst thing that ever happened in your life, work for your best!
There is just no escaping what God’s plan is for your life.

The Plan

Don’t worry about a thing
Tell Him everything
And as changes began to happen
Don’t forget to THANK the Master
Because He already had the plan
He just took it out of your hand

… so there is No Escape

PJ Payne

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