Thursday, October 19, 2017

Come Clean!

I've learned that most of the time, we all want to portray our 'best face'… put our ‘best foot forward’! No one wants the world to see their bad side...not on purpose anyway! So we put up a façade; masking the real person.

Are you being true to yourself or those you come in contact with? Do you have a corner of your life that reeks of disarray and disorganization? Do you think to hide your imperfections like wearing makeup, display good character traits? Do you fear getting ‘found out’ so you continue to hide at whatever costs? What portion of your life are these deficiencies displayed? At work, in the desk drawer? At home, in the closet or on that junk table? Surely your flaws they are not visible to the naked eye? When will you finally come out? It’s bound to happen, so why hide? The REAL you will eventually come through, so just come clean!
No matter what you say
No matter what you do
That which you keep in the dark
Is really a reflection of you

You can’t always hide behind a curtain
Stuff you think won’t be seen
Cause when you least expect it
A visitor’s gonna come clean
About how things really look
And it’s ALL about you
They won’t say it to your face
But the truth will come through

And let a visitor open a closet
Which exposes a whole lot
Wow! Do you or do you not have junk?
Is there even a clean spot?
 Be it a secret,
Or be it known
Indiscretions aren't always discrete
If overexposed or shown

Get real, get ready
Make a change, keep it steady
Get it done, make strides
Cause obviously what think you hid
You really didn't hide

In essence what you “don’t” do
Comes out, Comes clean
And says a lot

About you!

~PJ Payne

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