Thursday, August 31, 2017

What's Your Fuel?

As a writer and poet, I believe what inspires me is life’s lessons, COFFEE, and the Holy Spirit. These thoroughfares, so to speak, always inspire me to put on paper what's in my head, but also, a large part of my inspiration has come by seeing and listening to the works of some of our most renowned artists and poets, namely Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou. I truly believe most writers write through inspirations and experiences. Heritage is also a stepping stone to articulate our movement, convey our thoughts, and put them to print. 
Sometimes I feel as though I have so much to say and if I didn't have a outlet, I'd burst wide open... my brain goes much faster than even my fingers can wrap around a pen, type on a keyboard, or even my body can move, to express what I am thinking.
My thoughts utter, via pen, whatever creeps into mind at that time.  
I've been writing since my kids were little and always thought of it as my "Coffee and Thee" moments whereas I spent time alone (whenever I could, lol). 
Today my inspiration is about children… just the thought of them and how precious they are. 
My children are a large part of my inspirations… Life wouldn’t be the same; they are my fuel...

My Petroleum

You are my inspiration
my source of rejuvenation
The fuel that
jump-starts my day
Little words
that pave the way.
The sweetener
for my cup-o-tea        
The morning coffee
I think I need
Time well spent with you
Refreshing, fulfilling
Bonds so close
for you, I'm willing....

Seeing your smiles
carry me that extra mile.
Throughout the day
memories pave the way
Encompassing and
soothing my soul
giving me peace
lightening my load

And when I began again...

You are my inspiration
my source of rejuvenation

My Petroleum

PJ Payne

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