Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Ride Outside

As I drive and ride, sometimes I just exhale. I absorb all the beauty around me. It's about the feeling, the atmosphere, auras... although others may not envision the beauty that I see. They may just see things, but I see miracles! Miracles of a new morning, a new day, dewdrops on leaves, bursting sun, hustle and bustle of traffic, and so on… I see and feel the blessing of just having a vehicle to ride in; even something as simple as being able to see! So yes, I enjoy the ride.
I’m not even consumed with actually driving, but freedom in a mental state, focusing on the moment. How sweet is the taste, very subtly, the opportunity to being foot loose and fancy free. See, I’m not in control of my destiny and what’s within my reach, in my hand, in my grasp, for that is His decision.  I realize, as human beings, we are powerless, no matter what WE think we are able to do… it’s all about God.  
So find your pleasure, find your peace, find your freedom. I've found mine...
A Ride Outside

Seems I wanna ride…
Wanna ‘scape by-ways and hide
Wanna through, hi-ways confide
Wanna spread my secret wide

Of my emotions, I’ll confess
Of my inner being, express
Of life’s’ turmoil and tests
Of how I cope and try my best

To keep at bay the insanity
To keep away the profanity
To know “this too shall pass”
To know freedom, alas

‘Til dispersion is free, not frugal
‘Til destiny cannot be 'googled’
‘Til there’s room for my scruples
‘Til there’s peace. How do you do it?

“Seems I wanna just ride.”

PJ Payne

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