Friday, June 10, 2016

The Light Bulb

As a professional, whether an athlete, speaker, photographer, doctor, writer, dancer and so on… has there ever been a time in your career when you have totally drawn a blank in the midst of what to do when you do it? In MOST cases, there is no room for mistakes. But we're human! Imagine an athlete, let’s just say a football player, who unexpectedly intercepts the ball in a big game. For whatever reason, he’s discombobulated and of course, all eyes are on him. Fans are yelling and screaming and he takes off running... in the wrong direction. Well we know the rest of that story…
Or a speaker- you’re expected to speak to hundreds of individuals and your colleagues are counting on you to ‘bring it’ and in the midst, you become clueless! 
A designer- you're having to show a layout or a physical project, however you have a deadline… you have no idea at that moment what you're going to present, so your back is against the wall!
Believe me when I say, we have all had this type of experience at one time or another. We chalk it up to nerves, procrastination, too much on our plates or in some instances just plain dumbfounded… drawing a BLANK.
Then all of a sudden, there it is! You’ve got it! Things are coming back into focus, the fog is dissipating, clouds are moving around; the sky is visible and YES! A light bulb turns on in your head and it’s all bright and as clear as day. Whew! You say “thank you Jesus”, because you know it was nobody but HIM.

Well, as a writer, I have had far too many of these moments in my busy life and this is my take on it.
You see, just when I think there’s nothing left to write, my brainwaves kick in and my fingers began to type. Then all those thoughts come back to remembrance; my expressions may be unorthodox and sometimes relentless. I thought I didn’t have much else to say, and then passion and emotions came in to play. I'm expounding and exuding my kinetic energy. Freelanced brainwaves, empowered poetic literacy; even jabbering and gibbering sometimes making no sense, but expressing my inner soul at my mind’s expense.

So just when I think there’s not much more to say, I’ll let my fingers do the thinking. They’ll make a way. I'll sit and tell my tales 'til my heart is content, or 'til the light-bulb goes out. Then I’ll know…
“Message sent”.

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