Thursday, June 20, 2019

Leave Your Mark!

Think about it! What have you done or what is it that you do that impacts another person’s life or even his or her day?
Some years back, I worked in an environment in which the air was so thick with negativity, you couldn’t cut it with a knife. Even my coffee-breaks were ‘broken!’
I am a happy go lucky person, 90% of the time. I LOVE TO LAUGH!  Now a lot of it may have a li’l bit to do with my coffee habits, but I am a Very positive person. Kinda 'outta the box!'
One day I walked in to work and spoke in my cheerful manner. I gleefully said “Good Morning!” Nothing’s wrong with that, right? Well, of the 5 to 7 individuals who were in ear reach, only two reacted. I think every bit of energy I had in my body was immediately drained from me.  I felt as though I needed to check my breath. I was positive I bruised my teeth, even ‘after’ my morning coffee. And then my second cup of coffee had no immediate effect on my demeanor. For at least an hour, I was very quiet.
I understand that we ALL have ‘stuff’ going on in our lives—some unimaginable. And it stands to reason as to why ones persona may cast bits of quietness, anger or sadness. But NOT all the time!
That day I had had enough! I wanted my actions to ‘make them’ and not let them ‘make me!’ I could not and would not work in that type of environment for the rest of the week. It was at that time, I resolved for the rest of the day that I would find something positive to say to, or about each individual that I personally encountered. Not only that, I would throw an irresistible infectious smile. LOL.
Needless to say, my efforts were received very positively. I was even asked in which department I worked. It made me feel better about myself also.
So to all of you, do this for me. Take time for the rest of the day, or even begin on tomorrow, to say or do a positive deed…  There’s no better feeling when you've made a positive mark.

Be distinctive,
make your mark
no matter what
others say
They can't see 
your vision
don't know your thoughts
or your way

You're set apart
from a rigid format
the natural scheme
of things
Unique, relative
but not the same

'Outta Tha Box' 
When you
Leave Your Mark!

PJ Payne

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