Thursday, June 6, 2019

Fix Me, Coffee

Seems like the faster I go, the further behind I get!  There are Never enough hours in the day; enough days in the week; or enough weeks in the month. “A schedule? What's that?"
I used to pride myself on being organized. Yeah, I was the one who had all of the organizational skills that were down to the ‘T’. My kids can vouch for the fact that they had duties each day.  There was a time for this and a time for that... I even scheduled 'play times!’ Needless to say,  I was the organizational guru!!
Our lives were full of paste-it notes and sticky-notes.
I think it all derives from the fact that I was brought up in a mid to large size family. And we did have organization because my mom worked outside the house as well as at home when she was home…  
At that time, people didn’t have a title for a person who basically did what it took to make ends meet. it was just
‘survival’ for a single mother with 6 children.  Now we call ourselves ‘Multi-taskers or Entrepreneurs. 
But do you realize that coffee has been around forever, as the ‘Fix It’ drink?  It was, even then, the Go To drink. But as I can recall, mostly the older folks drank it. They wouldn’t give it to the kids- saying we couldn’t have any. LOL. I chuckle now as I think back to those days.
Yes, they really thought of it as an ‘adult drink!’
Let me recount their reasoning—

You are too young.
Coffee is gonna make you nervous.
You can’t drink that! Git outta ‘grown folk’s business.
Coffee drinkers smoke cigarettes too, so you don’t need to smoke.
People drink coffee to sober up.
Black coffee is a Man’s drink.
Coffee is gonna stain your teeth.
You can’t drink coffee. It will keep you up ALL night!
It’s only for us (adults). It’s too expensive.
Coffee will burn you.
Coffee will make your breath stink.
Boys (men) don’t like girls (women) who drink coffee.” They’re fast!”

The list can go on….
My how times have changed! Now we LIVE for this ‘drink of choice!’ And it is ageless, literally, from teenagers to adults. It comes in all types of strengths, flavors, caffeinated or decaf, crystalized—any way you can think of, with a million and one uses. You can do ‘shots’! Shoot, people even use it as cures and remedies.
I definitely need it to fix me in every aspect of my life! Had a bad day? I indulge in a cup of my brew. Can't do without it;  mornings, noonday, or evening, The day just goes better when you've had your fix! Is that why parents didn't want children to 'drink of the bitter cup' so to speak?  I guess the age-old secret was 'it was the FIX,' even back then!
And now... Coffee Has Arrived!

So, “Fix Me, Coffee and Jesus!” Not necessarily in that order.

PJ Payne

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