Thursday, October 4, 2018

For Me...

What do you do in the early mornings when you can't sleep? These are the very moments our Father is waiting for us… the quiet moments when intimacy is so important, no interruption.
So why do we become so annoyed when someone is hovering around us especially kids? Kids, normally do this when they are making an attempt to get our attention or our love in that lonely moment. YES, they need reassurance as well. This is exactly what God does with us. So the real question is who has taken up residence in your home?
Consider a marathon that you had no idea you had entered… not to lose weight or to change our outer appearance, BUT to make us remember who the ‘I Am’ really is. He is Jesus. He is the Good Shepherd who knows his sheep’s voice. He is the one who will open doors when we knock. He is the Son of God, He is the Light of the World. He is the Living Bread. Remember how we take the Lord's Supper? He is The Vine and we are the branches, He is the Way, the Truth and the Light! He is the Creator of ALL.
Expressions of who HE is, become more personal for each of us depending on our needs for the moment.

For Me…
He is my Strength.
He is my Protector.
He is my Provider.
He is my Burden Carrier.
He is my Guide.
He is my Healer.
He is my Love.
He is my Friend.
He is my Teacher.
He is my Doctor.
He is my Judge.
He is my Forgiver.
He is my Pilot.
He is the air I breathe.
He is the gleaming sun.
He is the sand on the beach.
He is the one who gave freedom.
He is the one who calms my storms.
He is the one who suffered for me.
He is the one who will never leave me.
He is the one who will wipe away tears.
He is the one who never sleeps.
He is the one who gives me peace and shows me mercy.
He is the one who calms me in frustrating moments.
He is the one I seek.
He is my example of how ‘I Am’ to be.
He is who He says He is.

All we have to do is whisper His name and He is there. So, I ask you again, “Who is living in your residence?”

Have a blessed day!

(From the meditating mind of my beautiful and spiritual friend, Cindy)

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