Thursday, October 11, 2018


Ever had one of those days when everything goes wrong? Everything you touch turns to mush. You can’t make sound decisions. All you want to do is crawl back into bed.
Well, get up! Brush yourself off! Exhale! Make a fresh pot of coffee and drink up! Go to your quiet place… Whatever it takes to get back on track, do it! Don’t be conquered.  You are the conqueror. You set the standards. You set the pace. You don’t know who is watching you. You don’t know who is looking up to you. You don’t know who is thinking “I want to be like her/him when I grow up.” You just don’t know.  Therefore, seek and find the tiniest thread of hope- tie a knot and hold on. Push forward.  Find the strength you need to continue. This slump you’re feeling is only temporary… just a block, not a bombardment. There is a difference.
Find that passion you know you already possess. You haven’t lost it… only misplaced that fuel, fire, energy, the oomph to forge on.  
Also remember it’s okay to feel this way, as we are all human and have ‘those days.’ Just don’t wallow in self-pity.  We all go through it. Don’t lose your focus. Don’t let anyone hamper or dampen your spirit.

So mixed up,
So confused
You’re hoping your heart
Will not be abused
Putting your trust
Yet again in man
Forgetting that only
One Man can
Fulfill your hopes
Fulfill your dreams
Lord, please help
Set us all free
From doubts
From fears
Remind us of possibilities
If we’d listen and hear
The words… Your words
Over and over again
‘I can do all things…’
And we know we can
If we block out all
The negativity of man
If complete faith and trust
Is put in You
Piercing our hearts
Through and through
Freeing the mind
Freeing the spirit
Of distrust when
We can’t get rid of it
And remind us too, that
‘This too shall pass’
When the fog clears,
Free at last!

Remember, the things
You go through
Are trial and error
You can’t let it control you
With fear, with terror
Let go, give Him
The okay to teach
Again, lessons you have
Already heard preached
That you are not alone
He’s got your back
That you are not infallible
And that’s a fact
That we are all human
Emotions will come
Even if we can’t identify
Where they’re coming from
…just Emotional

PJ Payne

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