Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Wall

Have you ever just walked around and meditated on where you are - especially if you are someplace you've never been? Have you ever just taken in the ambience of your surroundings and thought about the goings-on and the untold tales a structure could hold? I guess as a writer, I'm always seeing beyond what may be visible to the naked eye; looking for the story.
In one of my more recent ‘adventures,’ those were my very thoughts. I came up with this…

If walls could talk, they would tell a great story… 
Generate a best-seller; No pain, no glory
No ifs, ands, or buts because all is in truth
From a reliable source – the walls that surrounded you

There would be no bias, no editing or deleting
No reason for formatting words for completion
No twisting the facts, as facts they would be
No need to run, as ‘their’ eyes did already see

And seen from an equitable point of view
No partiality taken, because the walls saw YOU
They’d tell the complete story, even what you would fear
All ‘coming out in the wash,’ loud and clear

Inevitably, you would have to fess-up, 
Your word is against theirs, no room for hiccups
And who would dispute their stationary glare
That was glued to indiscretions; your states-of-affair

Nights or days, whichever you choose
Cannot deny your actions; in any case, you would lose
Discrete, yet recklessly messing around
Thought you had it all together, safe and sound

Very respected, pretentiously held your ground
Then your house came crashing down
Thought you were in the clear, had a sanctimonious air
Biggity, uppity, epitome of ‘savoir faire’

The 'on-looker' that you didn't see 
Was plain in view, so you couldn't cop a plea
Had your back against the 'wall'
Could not wiggle out, even when you stood tall

The question in this story - do we know what we do?
Who we do things with; where do we do it?
Doing good versus evil… the decision is your call
Behind closed doors or opened, there is still that ‘Wall’

But heed this reminder - there is an 'all seeing eye'
Watching each step, watching each stride
Focused on your talk and focused on your walk,
And your tale WILL be told, when ‘The Wall’ begins to talk.

Inspired 2018

PJ Payne

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