Thursday, January 4, 2018

New Pace

Brand new year
Brand new day
Brand new outlook
New start, new pace
The coffee is working 
And so is He
I listen to Him first
His words are key

Ummm… but what is this?
What has me baffled?
What‘s in my head?
What is it there for?

I have this uncontrollable
Urge- do something different
And my head won’t lead my
Mind to idle on one thing
See I just keep moving
And my brain won’t be still
Even when my body slows
It rhythmically flows at will

Constantly on demand
Constantly on key
Constantly verbalizing
What’s constantly in me
Putting into words
Expressing what I conceive
Conveying on paper
Articulately speaking

Got so much that’s
Bottled up in a small space
With every intention
To break out into phases

To be distributed
To be delivered
To be continued
To be bewildering
To those who come in
Direct contact
With my brain waves
Without distraction

You need not and ought not
Be surprised or distraught
When my thoughts are
Verbally displayed and caught
Cause what you hear
Is only “of” me
And may not match with
The “me” you see

So… Get outta my way!
New Year, New Day!

PJ Payne

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