Thursday, February 16, 2017

Open Hand - Let Go

Sometimes instead of worrying, we have to meditate and concentrate on the shocks and disbeliefs in our lives... there is always the question of why or the second thought of 'if only'.  I believe nothing happens in life by chance. We all had our territories charted out for us, even before we were thought of and made.
Therefore, given such an awesome, pure, simple and fresh beginning in life, it gives reason that we should focus on the fact that destiny is not ours, but His to plot. We tend to make our own circumstances problematic. Just think about it. At inception, we were like an uncharted map because He held the plan in His Hand. So when we begin to take life's 'little' circumstances (and they are little to Him) out of His Hands, that is when we feel the brunt of the trials and hardships we face. Endurance becomes traumatic!! Too many times without realizing what we are doing, we put 'self' in a matter where self shouldn't be. We think everything needs to be touched, or for lack of a better elucidation, 'controlled' by us. In my instance, by ME, lol.

We must learn to 'Open Hand - Let Go'. That's right! Open your hand and let it go! When we bite off more than we can chew or take on more than we can handle, it's okay to let go of some things. This is NOT about you or me! It's about God!
Right now you're probably steering in the wrong direction, traveling on the wrong highway - taking the back roads instead of the main thoroughfare; focusing on the wrong prize. Remember He has mapped out the path for you.
"Take YOUR hands off and let it go!'

PJ Payne

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