Tuesday, May 17, 2016

To Begin Again

Beginning again. Now, something I love; beginning again with God’s grace from above!
You see He gives us chances over and over again; to right wrongs, to say I’m sorry, to say I love you, to help somebody else, even something that we take for granted… seeing a new day. But, how many of us really set out to start over, to refresh, to renew the old?

I’ve heard a lot of people say “in the beginning, I was or we were….” but what happened to the now?  What progress was made? What happened to the now? Can you actually see accomplishments? Do you know what mistakes were made along the way? What happened to the now? Did you learn from your mistakes? Now What?

Starting over doesn’t mean that you have to disintegrate the past (because you can’t), just CHOSE a fresh new start. You can’t do anything about that past because there will always be someone who ‘remembers’, but you can move forward, not become complacent, feel  unresolved  or wallow in self-pity. 
I am so guilty of these things; But
I have resolved to first of all, express my innermost feeling in some form or fashion; whether in words or in actions. Just get the negativity out of me!
I have resolved to not be unproductive, discouraged or disheartened, for those are only the enemy’s thoroughfares to stagnation.
I have begun to utilize talents I have kept buried deep inside, for fear of nonacceptance or ridicule.
I have begun to go back… (yes, you have to go back sometimes) and reevaluate and revitalize old passions that I thought weren’t ‘good enough', but found them to be a blessing to somebody else.
And I have begun to cultivate and bring to fruition seeds that were planted in me by someone who NEVER has to begin again… “He doesn’t make mistakes!”

The tiniest inkling can be a new beginning.
… even if you have to begin again over and over again!

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