Thursday, April 28, 2016

Road to Easy Street

He is so good! He gives us just what we need, in His time, which is when we need it. Sometimes we don't even realize that we need it, because we think we can work our own magic. We're hustling and bustling, trying to figure things out; shedding tears; blood pressure rising... we get in a frenzy when our backs are against the wall. Stuff happens!! So when we can't find immediate answers, those humanistic instincts kick in. 
"How soon we forget whose child we are". As Christians, we say we know God, but do we really?? We throw up our hands in despair; we throw temper tantrums like little kids who can't have their way; we get all worked up because 'we' can't work out the problem; we personalize failure and give up! But guess what? That's what He really wants us to do... let Him. "Who's your Daddy"? 

Just when we think it's all over, we've run the race, we've lost the battle, He is standing on the sidelines watching and waiting and then... HE INTERCEDES!

He guides us as He touches us
Takes the reins to lead us out of confusion
Clears the path of obstacles so we can see
and think clearly, as to not draw own conclusions

And then, only then do we grasp who truly has the answers. The only magic touch is the 'Touch of the Master'! When we let Him guide us in the path He wants us to take, we will realize we're in for the ride of a life time. Consequently, we wonder "what was all the fuss"?
... riding on easy street.

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