Thursday, August 16, 2018

Back to School?

It's that time of the year and it came fast, didn't it? It seems summer just began! We've entertained children who have been eating us out of house and home for the past few months. There was never enough to do or enough time to do it, so we stretched and sacrificed... camps, vacations, VBS, swimming... you name it! Through it all, we enjoyed a long summer with our kids or grandkids. Most importantly, they enjoyed us. Some do not have the luxury of sharing extra time and bonding with parents who have to work, so when the opportunity avails, the literally 'eat it up'!
But do you realize, although they were out of school they were still in school? We don't realize this but we're teaching them all the time even when they're not in a classroom setting. We're setting examples! We're teaching them about habits, lifestyles, rights, wrongs, do's don’ts. We are a 'walking book!' So don't think just because children are out of school for the summer, they have no learning mechanisms besides phones, tablets, computers, play-stations… (some of which should be monitored). Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, their friends, even our friends set standards and our children and they heed the protocol. They are fast learners!


They watch what you do
They say what you say
They mimic and mime
My ways and your ways
They initiate progress
Introducing new subjects
Teaching you things
You’d never suggested
Sometimes agreeable
But disagree too
Telling you’re not ‘with it’  
Saying you’re ole school

Then they remind you
Of the used to’s and would’ves
Saying you did it at their age
Why NO now? You could’ve!

Yes, they prick memories
Of you at their age
Realizing their rebellion
I just a stage
A stage of growth, maturity
Release, and lessons
And you say “Thank you Jesus”
What a blessing
That in all your teachings
Examples, preaching
They’ll remember upon return
You taught them Jesus!

PJ Payne

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