Thursday, September 15, 2016


The Devil LOVES it when he thinks he has won and you’re down for the count. Don’t give him an inkling of credit!  When ‘life happens’, it hits hard. My suggestion- "take the lick’n and keep on kick’n”!
Don’t give the Devil the glory for anything you feel has gone wrong in your life. When you do that, you are opening yourself up for more disasters, more mistakes, more wrong decisions, more seemingly unresolvable issues. Don’t let him in! Close that door of negativity. Leave no room for advancement of unconstructiveness, and pessimism. After you close the door, keep it under lock and key! 
Circumspectly, we even open ourselves up for blunders when we trust people. On the other hand, we just "open mouth, insert foot"!  Don’t leave access and room for disaster.   And by that I mean, watch the company you keep, you train of thoughts, your daily travels, circle of friends; even you facial expressions… sometimes the face tells the whole story; usually one you are not prepared to let go- “that’s a whole other book!” Lol.

Now, an optimistic view of the ‘stuff’ that happens is, maybe God is allowing it. You do know that He does allow us to go through difficult times, right? We may not understand it at the time, but ‘in His time’ we will understand.

Remember that adversity is always waiting; a happenstance away, therefore some things, we just can’t prevent. But for those in which we can, stomp on ‘em! 
Get an ATTITUDE of FORTITUDE and march on!


-PJ Payne

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