Thursday, August 17, 2017

Look Up!

Differences! It is what makes us unique. “I'm not like you and you're not like me." Differences! They are not disdainful, just adjustable because one has to adjust to another person’s dissimilarities. We were all made equal, but not alike. The whole makeup of an individual (genetically or environmentally) may have similarities, but not identical.
With that being said, because we are all different, don’t allow your diversity to be a stumbling block in your life. Don’t let another person’s view of you ‘make or break you,’ because they may be for you today and against you tomorrow.
I want to briefly share a story of an individual on Instagram. She posted this and asked for advice.

She went to a party one night, but didn’t change clothes… wearing what she had worn to work that day, which she considered traditional. Well, because she was dressed so differently from her peers, she was sneered at and shunned. There were comments like “Don’t you have something better than that dress; maybe something shorter or jeans?” And there were also references to how she was not fitting in. Being the individual she was, she did not reply to the person. Instead, she hung her head because this made her feel out of place. Although she wanted to, she didn’t leave, as it may have drawn more attention to her. Some time later someone else walked up to her and said: “You look beautiful in that traditional suit”. By now she was really confused. She thanked them and finally left the party feeling blank, empty, and puzzled.
In reply to her post, many of her followers said she should have said something back to the people who insulted her…even going as far as WHAT she should have said. She humbly thanked them and agreed. By then, I was baffled! But, there was one, ‘only one’ individual who said, “I read your post. I would continue dressing the way I felt the most comfortable, and would spend little if any time with people making unkind remarks… even on IG with this solicited, but very opinionated advice."

In my opinion, that was the best advice she could have received. Too many times we depend on what society thinks and dictates. It can get the best of even the strongest of individuals, if you allow it. Don't let anyone steal your joy. You are beautiful in your own skin, so OWN IT!

Look Up!

Don’t look down
Don’t you dare!
Look up, look up
Cause you are there

You are a light to others
Shine bright in the sky
Illuminate vibrancy
Clarity on high
Keep your head up
Esteem is your anchor
Pride is the foundation
Heritage… where you came from

You see, you can’t let man
Or anything steal your joy
Can’t let doubt dictate
To your mind and heart
Victory is yours for the taking
Your future is at stake
Claim it and sustain it
Just take your place

Don’t look down, I say
Don’t you dare!

PJ Payne

Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Magic Touch

We are constantly hustling and bustling, trying to figure things out. We're shedding tears. Our blood pressure rises... we get frenzied when our backs are against the wall. Stuff happens!! So when we can't find immediate answers, those humanistic instincts kick in. But God is so good! He gives us just what we need, in His time, which is when we need it. Sometimes we don't even realize that we need help because we think we can work our own magic.
"Oh, ye of little faith," how soon we forget whose child we are. As Christians, we say we know God, but do we really? We throw up our hands in despair, we throw temper tantrums like little kids who can't have their way, and we get all worked up because 'we' can't work out the problem. We personalize failure and give up! But guess what? That's what He really wants us to do... let Him.
Just when we think it's all over, we've run the race, we've lost the battle, He is standing on the sidelines watching and waiting and then... HE INTERCEDES!

He guides us as He touches us… takes the reins to lead us out of confusion. He clears the path of obstacles so that we can see and think clearly, as to not draw own conclusions. And then, only then do we grasp who truly has the answers. Then and only then, we realize we had no control; no say in the matter. He’s already laid hands on the situation and unassumingly, worked it out.

The only magic touch is the 'Touch of the Master'! When we let Him guide us in the path He wants us to take, we will realize we're in for the ride of a life time with little effort of our own. Consequently, we wonder "what was all the fuss.”

PJ Payne

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Ride Outside

As I drive and ride, sometimes I just exhale. I absorb all the beauty around me. It's about the feeling, the atmosphere, auras... although others may not envision the beauty that I see. They may just see things, but I see miracles! Miracles of a new morning, a new day, dewdrops on leaves, bursting sun, hustle and bustle of traffic, and so on… I see and feel the blessing of just having a vehicle to ride in; even something as simple as being able to see! So yes, I enjoy the ride.
I’m not even consumed with actually driving, but freedom in a mental state, focusing on the moment. How sweet is the taste, very subtly, the opportunity to being foot loose and fancy free. See, I’m not in control of my destiny and what’s within my reach, in my hand, in my grasp, for that is His decision.  I realize, as human beings, we are powerless, no matter what WE think we are able to do… it’s all about God.  
So find your pleasure, find your peace, find your freedom. I've found mine...
A Ride Outside

Seems I wanna ride…
Wanna ‘scape by-ways and hide
Wanna through, hi-ways confide
Wanna spread my secret wide

Of my emotions, I’ll confess
Of my inner being, express
Of life’s’ turmoil and tests
Of how I cope and try my best

To keep at bay the insanity
To keep away the profanity
To know “this too shall pass”
To know freedom, alas

‘Til dispersion is free, not frugal
‘Til destiny cannot be 'googled’
‘Til there’s room for my scruples
‘Til there’s peace. How do you do it?

“Seems I wanna just ride.”

PJ Payne

Thursday, July 27, 2017

An Eye!

As I drink my cup o' joe this morning, I'm pondering over the fact that we wake up every morning, get dressed, and start our daily routines, without considering how very blessed we really are. What miracles were performed with out our knowledge... things we take for granted? How did we wake up - what carried us throughout the night? Why were we allowed to breathe, sustain, and even given the honor of embracing another morning, another day, another chance to be grateful? But are we?
Do you realize there is an 'all seeing' eye watching over you?
 Here's my take on 'An Eye'

As I reach pivotal times in my life
I realize-
He's watching over me
As I venture wins, losses,
gains and even strife
I realize-
He's watching over me

He comes across my mind,
when I least expect it
guides me, protects me,
as the things I do and say,
reflects it
And He should be first and furthermost
As natural as air from coast to coast
Without realizing His impact
As now I ponder and reflect on it
I realize-

He still watches over me

PJ Payne

Thursday, July 13, 2017

That DNA

Too many times we forget to correlate who we are with where we came from, biologically… what is our make-up? It is our whole being.
In this day and age, there is a lot of focus on ‘baby daddies and baby mamas’. Unfortunately the connotation that goes along with it is usually negative. But, disregarding the hype, we’re talking about what constitutes the making of a child … boy or girl. It's that simple!
Scientifically speaking, Chromosomes;
In humans each cell normally contains 23 pairs of chromosomes (23 from each gamete) totaling 46. Twenty-two of these pairs, called autosomes, look the same in both males and females. The 23rd pair, the sex chromosome, differs between males and females.

DNA- (Deoxyribonucleic Acid is a self) replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information. It is also the fundamental and distinctive UNCHANGEABLE characteristics of something or someone. So, no matter what people think…

You’re not about, what other folks say. 
What you are about is your DNA! 
Just who you are and what you do is 'relatively' diagnosed; it’s what’s IN you.
Other folks can’t dictate your being! 
Other folks see your ‘matter’ without seeing it.  
Because the DNA is deeply embedded, creating our surfaces that are predestined already. 
Yes the blood runs deep-flowing genes inside, so that man can’t deny it, run from it and hide.
And when some say “You look ‘jus like yo Daddy,” or 
“You got yo Mamma’s ways,” no need to get mad at it! 
Because it’s all in you, the DNA, that is.

That microscopic seed. “And ‘tis what ‘tis!”

PJ Payne

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Mornings are diamonds in the rough. Mornings are new beginnings. Mornings are the nothingness that can become something big. Mornings are like untouched clay you can mold and make into what you want it to be.
My best time of the day is mornings… the quiet, the nothingness, the peace, innocence, tranquility, my prayer time, but more than anything, the stillness.
If you’re anything like me, you rise up early, just to have that cup of coffee or tea and time alone. The rest of the family and the world are still asleep and don’t seem to exist. Your thoughts are not bogged down with the worries of what’s going to happen next, because your morning is just you, the sunrise and stillness. Then daybreak!
So, what are your days like? Do you take any YOU time? If I were to tell you that taking that short period of time is medicinally invigorating, would you believe me? It is medicine for the soul. It’s an exhalation of heavy weights. It makes you ready for new tasks. It replenishes the spirit. It gives a better perspective on what your next move will be. It’s basically parallel to a power nap. Please don’t go on a guilt trip, or think it’s selfish to have some ‘you time.’ This is not an age appropriate suggestion. We all need that time as mothers, grannies, fathers, grandpas, aunts, and the list goes on.

Imagine this:
Dark space - just before God created heaven and earth, there was nothingness. Genesis 1: 1 states “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. 2. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep…”
This biblical depiction goes way beyond the actuality of what our mornings look like. But the similarity is there for those who can take themselves to that place of the imagination. It’s clean. It's pure. It's uninhabited.
And then in verse 3, “and God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light. 4. God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from darkness…” Thus, the beginning of our day and night!
Ever thought about the fact that when you open your eyes to daybreak, it doesn’t belong to you any longer? You become discombobulated as your space gets occupied with other things be it family, jobs, or the hustle and bustle of daily goings-on.
So, before daybreak, if you were to take just a moment... or maybe you're not a morning person, whatever your preference of day or night, to just meditate on some things, I truly think it would make for a purer, clearer picture and outlook on life. Just try to find your ‘before creation’ time, Be Still, and listen…

PJ Payne

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Make the Call

Decisions, decisions! Has there ever been a time in your life when you were left to make an impacting decision on something MAJOR? All eyes were on you and you couldn't bail out because your responsibility dictated that YOU had the final say. The ball was in your court!
Problem: Even if you're passionate about a cause, the execution of a decision you make may not bear the assertive boost needed to execute it, in its entirety. That’s because your demeanor is passive, with a tad of aggression. You generally hesitate to make 'big' decisions for fear of failing, hurting someone's feelings, much less making an 'unpopular' call.

With that being said, how did you get yourself into this situation? Well, as you think about the Chrono-logicality of events, you realize the initial concept was yours; you put it out there, so your counterparts just ‘ran’ with it. Talk was cheap, but now those ideas have begun to come into fruition. The next step is to execute and finalize what YOU had started. Now you've got to step up your game, make a call or foul-out!

Realization: Somebody believed in you, "Now what?” You started this and you've got to progress to the next level. HOW do you muster-up the courage to pick up the ball and run with it... or just pass?
Answer: Don’t EVER make a decision hastily, no matter if you’re under the pressure of a time frame or talking with the ‘head of heads,’ make a carefully thought out, and logical call.

You won’t regret it!

PJ Payne